Quit Smoking

Have you ever tried to quit smoking but found it too difficult? Did you return to your habit after a short time? Perhaps you’ve tried patches, chewing gum, biting your nails. But every time the cravings gets the better of you. You’re not alone. With Discover Hypnosis we will work together to break your habit, stumping it out for good. Are you ready for a healthier you?


If you are a new client, you will need to complete an initial consultation session before undergoing a full hypnosis appointment.

It’s time to smoke this habit!

This single, 2 hour long quit smoking session will help you completely redefine your ways of looking at smoking and your relationship with nicotine.

By the end of the session, not only will you be ready to quit…You’ll be relieved that you have! You’ll be able to enjoy a life free from the shackles of smoking and all of the negative consequences it brings.

What you’ll need (online option only)

  • A reliable internet connection.
  • Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom.
  • A mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
  • A headset with microphone/headphones (optional).
  • A quiet space, where you can speak privately, and are unlikely to be interrupted.

Online (Remote), Face-to-face (Office)