Man lay on a bed feeling depressed

What is depression?

Depression is actually a natural response in the brain. Thousands of years ago, when we were living in caves, if conditions were too dangerous for us to go out and hunt, we’d pull our fur-skin rug over our head and not go out until things had improved. This helped us to save energy until we could next eat.

Unfortunately, we’ve adapted this response to modern-day life. During times of stress, we’re now more likely to hide under the blanket, binge watch a box-set or eat a mountain of junk food. While that’s fine every so often, if you’ve found yourself feeling sad for days, weeks or months at a time, it’s time to get some help and support.

There are a huge variety of symptoms from depression. It can cause intense physical symptoms as well as mental ones. Depression/low mood can be truly debilitating, leaving a person feeling that there is no hope left, or that things will never improve.

Getting help for depression

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already started telling yourself that things can improve. Even if you don’t realise it yet. You’ve already taken the first important step in helping you to get the real you back.

By helping you to focus on a new, positive future and relearning your own strengths, I can help you to regain your motivation. With hypnotherapy, I can help you re-focus your mind. You will begin to start seeing life clearly and positively again. Take a step out of the darkness!