Phobias can be absolutely debilitating. They can hold a person back from what most of us take for granted. For example; going on holiday, having important blood tests or operations, or even leaving the house.

Phobias can be roughly categorised into two groups; specific and complex.

Specific phobias

Specific phobias is where the phobia is about one thing or event. This list shows some of the more common phobias. However, there are many more:

  • Animals such as dogs, insects, snakes, rodents
  • The natural environment such as heights, water, darkness
  • Situational such as flying, going to the dentist, tunnels
  • Body-based phobias such as blood, vomit, injections
  • Sexual phobias such as sexual acts themselves or a phobia of nudity

Complex phobias

Complex phobias tend to have a more disruptive impact on your life than specific phobias. They also tend to develop when you are an adult. Two of the most common complex phobias are Social phobia and Agoraphobia.

Social phobia

If you have social phobia – also called social anxiety or social anxiety disorder – you will feel an extreme sense of fear and anxiety in social situations. This may be connected to one specific situation, such as public speaking, or it may be that you are afraid of talking to or being around other people in general.


Agoraphobia is widely thought to be a fear of open spaces, but it is more complex than this. The essential feature of agoraphobia is that you will feel anxious about being in places or situations that it would be difficult or embarrassing to get out of, or where you might not be able to get help if you have a panic attack.

This anxiety will then result in you avoiding a variety of situations that may include

  • Being alone inside or outside the home
  • Being in a crowd of people
  • Travelling by car, bus or plane
  • Being on a bridge or in a lift

Phobias can have a profound impact on your life. However, when they are removed or the symptoms managed, the results can be swift and outstanding.

Imagine for a moment if you had such a phobia of flying, it meant that you missed holidays with the family because of it? How wonderful it would be to be rid of that fear and be able to experience more of the world with your loved ones.

Many common phobias can be remedied with just three sessions, so don’t worry any longer.

If you have a phobia you would like to discuss, please get in touch.