What my clients have said

I have worked with a number of clients, each with different problems, dreams and aspirations. Each person has found Hypnotherapy beneficial in their own way and have had great success in creating beneficial change.


“Dean made me feel very comfortable from the offset and really helped me to focus on positive thinking, just this alone has made a huge difference to my outlook in life. Very much appreciated!”


In a few short month I truly believe that Dean was paramount to reducing my anxiety to practically non-existent levels. I now sleep almost every night, I have more confidence, and I finally feel happy about myself.”

Addiction and loss

I was going through a very difficult time, struggling with an addiction, the loss of my brother and feeling very lost and without direction in my career. I was angry and felt quite low at times, so a friend recommended I gave hypnosis/hypnotherapy a try.

I wasn’t convinced it would make a big difference but took the attitude of “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and began having weekly hour long sessions.

The impact it had on my well being was immediate and quite extraordinary. 

I felt on top of the world straight after the sessions and well into the following week! It helped me focus on whats important, I was able to have more appreciation for the good things in my life and find focus on where I wanted to be in my work life.

I can’t recommend Dean’s services highly enough. Something that simply needs to be tried and words cannot do it justice.

— Mark

Trimming down

I started having sessions with Dean to help me with weight loss. Since leaving the army in 2010 I had put on over 3 stones in weight. Not only did his hypnosis help me get back into the gym but it helped me mentally as the weight gain had greatly affected my confidence.

After about 5 sessions I was preparing meals and back to the gym. My confidence is coming along and once I hit my goals I know I will feel great!

I have now finished with Dean but his support has continued to help me. I am in the gym 5 times per week, whereas at the beginning I struggling to even find the motivation go.

I am in a much better place and more confident with each pound I lose. If you want a gentle push in the right direction I definitely recommend giving this a go!

— Nathan

Trauma and depression

After suffering an emotionally (mentally) traumatic experience at the being of January (2016) I had started to suffer with almost crippling depression, anxiety and debilitating insomnia by March I had gotten worse and had several episodes of suicidal thoughts and with help from friends and colleagues I eventually sought out help from my doctor and was prescribed antidepressant medication.

Although these eased the bad thoughts the anxiety and insomnia and lack of self-worth stayed with me and I would say even worsened. I saw an advert about hypnosis and sent a message about myself…

I first met Dean on 28th May 2016. On our initial consultation which was about an hour long, Dean and I talked about my mental state, and what it was I was hoping to achieve with Hypnosis and together we set a realistic end goal. Dean explained what it was he was going to do step by step and answered any questions I had which put my mind at ease as the anxiety was kicking in, and so we began our weekly sessions at the beginning of June.

I was very open minded with my thoughts on hypnosis and did not consider once that it would not work, you must want it to allow it to happen. How do you know if you don’t give it a chance and so that’s what I did and I am glad I did.

Each week we would meet and we would start the first half of the session with what I would call ‘my homework’ which I enjoyed even if it was difficult at times, and then I would have the hypnosis, each week Dean took into consideration things about my life that I needed support with and moulded the session to fit the requirement, he was always empathetic to how I was feeling, understood if I felt I was taking steps back and counselled me when needed, because of this I feel we built up a trusting relationship that allowed Dean to experiment and it worked!

Towards the end of my time with Dean we made the sessions further apart so not to feel like they just stopped and I had my last session in September.

In a few short month I truly believe that Dean was paramount to reducing my anxiety to practically non-existent levels. I now sleep almost every night, I have more confidence, and I finally feel happy about myself.

I am still on medication after taking Doctors advice but I will re-evaluate this in the new year and will without doubt ask for Deans support again if I need it.

I must add that Dean provided me with a CD to use at night to help me sleep and although we no longer meet for sessions I do in fact listen to the audio every night without fail.

I would not hesitate in recommending Dean to anyone who is looking for a more holistic approach/support for anything and, with that in mind, I am looking forward to having new sessions with him for help with my phobia very soon.

— Jill Evans


Dean came to our School to work with our pupils to help them deal with their anxieties and stresses. As our staff go through their own stresses, we held a well-being INSET session for them. I was part of this session and Dean did a one off session using his hypnosis. I couldn’t believe the effect it had on me, it made me feel much calmer and less stressed about my role within school.

As time went by, I realised that I needed help with dealing with my anxieties around my body confidence. I binge ate a lot and my coping strategy was to either starve myself or exercise myself into the ground to rid the binge! I couldn’t go on like this, going to my GP was a lengthy waiting process for treatment, so I called Dean!

I have never felt confident enough to talk about my issues but Dean made me feel comfortable and relaxed, making it easy to chat!

Our sessions consisted of discussions around my anxiety levels, discussed coping strategies and what I have felt good and bad about. We then would move on to hypnosis which a different scenario was created by Dean each week to help my deal with my insecurities and anxieties.

I can’t begin to tell you the impact these sessions had on me. The outlook on life seemed to always be positive, my language changed from being negative to looking on the bright side of things.

Changing my habits subconsciously was crazy! I would just do things that would make me feel good about myself without even noticing until I realised… wow, you never used to be able to do that! This was examples like, looking in the mirror, I couldn’t do it! Now I do and don’t ridicule myself…just like (to a degree) what I see!

Dean’s sessions have had the most amazing impact on my life, I’m even advising others to be positive! I still suffer with slight anxiety but my levels have decreased massively, giving me the motivation to keep being positive and applying all Dean’s words of wisdom to help me cope in a positive and effective way!

I would highly recommend giving this type of therapy a go… it has defiantly changed my way of thinking and outlook on life – Thank you, Dean!

— Sarah