You may have seen the stereotype in movies or on TV, of the “therapist” who says to their client “now tell me about your Mother”, as the poor client regales us with painful stories from their troubled childhood. Perhaps this is a stereotype which has prevented you or someone you love seeking therapy?

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a goal oriented approach to ‘brief’ therapy.

Developed in the early 1980’s, it is a disciplined, pragmatic approach to change. Instead of harkening back to events of the past, SFBT focuses on your preferred future. By discussing your positive dreams and aspirations, we will be able to help you discover the right methods and answers for you.

Most people spend more than enough time thinking about their problems, they could be considered experts in them. We will help you find the answers, which are already in your subconscious mind. So you can begin feeling positive and focus on how you want to live your life, rather than how you don’t.

You are not stuck with your problems, or with your behaviours. These things can be unlearned and replaced with more positive, practical and enjoyable options.

A typical session

Depending on what you would like to work on, we generally spend the first half of our session simply talking about a range of subjects. For example, what has been good about your week? Here we can get you working with the “positive” part of your brain. I always include a few examples of what’s going on in the brain in relation to what we’ve discussed. This helps you to understand more about how your brain works and helps you understand the processes in your mind and how they can be changed.

With the use of “scaling” questions and other techniques, we then work out how you would see yourself improving an aspect of yourself or your life and generate ideas or small, achievable goals, so that you have something to visualise. We then usually end with 20-30 minutes of hypnotic trance, where you make yourself comfortable and I give you positive visualisations and affirmations to focus on, which can help you explore and see your new goals and aspirations using your subconscious mind. At the end of the hypnosis, I invite you to open your eyes and we conclude the session with you feeling relaxed, refreshed and optimistic.

Each session is positive, goal-orientated, engaging and can be really fun!

In between sessions, I ask all of my clients to make a habit of listening to their free CD each night at bedtime, where they can allow their mind to relax and allow the positive affirmations on the CD to help them feel good and explore their preferred future.